Precision 120 minutes ( PPT )

Precision 120 minutes ( PPT )

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PPT ( Pushstart Precision Tour ) is an extended tour taking place in the mountains. Ideal for the curves lovers, it follows the original routes used by the Ferrari test drivers to try out the new cars. It is a proper driving course: in 2 hours time you will learn how to face up the bends, also the more demanding ones.

In this 2 hours tour and pure adrenaline you will be able to improve the technical aspects of your driving on every type of route: mountain, flat, bends and straights. Your drive will begin from the Ferrari museum square. Passing by the racing department building, the Ferrari factory and the Wind gallery, you will reach the hills, some ancient villages and up to the mountains. The curves, the ups and downs, the straights will follow in a crescendo of adrenaline and shivers. You will definitely enjoy it. At the end of the experience you will get your Driver Passport, to be taken with you for the next unforgettable experience. Book now!

For this tour you can choose one of the following cars

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