Ferrari 488 Spider

Test drive available

suggested tour HS = Higher Speed DP = Driver Passport included ( as gift )
Short109€ 130
StartHS1512€ 190
MediumHS2016€ 250
LongHS3032€ 360
MountainHS6065€ 650
Special PanoramicHS9080€ 900
Precision (PPT)HSDP120130€ 1250
Race Track Tour 7HSDP80507€ 1100
Race Track Tour 13HSDP905013€ 1750

Options available

Printed picture€ 10Photoshooting€ 30
FullHD Video€ 20360° Video€ 50

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Driving this jewel is a unique experience: the open roof allows you to fully enjoy the roar of this incredible 670 hp engine.

TOP version of the 488, the 488 Spider contains all the classic Ferrari concepts: two seats, convertible, rear engine. The 488 Spider replaces the 458 Spider and is 10 kg lighter, thanks to a chassis made of 11 different alloys and the use of magnesium, which reduces the weight and ensures greater torsional rigidity than the 458 Spider. Instead of a traditional canvas roof, the 488 Spider maintains the rigid removable metal roof that already characterized the previous 458 Spider; this is folded into a compartment made above the engine, and needs only 14 seconds to close up. The great attention that has been dedicated to the sound, offering a new, full, clean and absolutely distinctive sound, is particularly evident in the spider version.

Come and try!

Data sheet
EngineV8 - 90° turbo
Horsepower670 CV
Torque760 Nm a 3000 giri
Transmission7 Marce doppia Frizione
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h3 secondi
Acceleration 0-200 Km/h8,7 secondi
Max speed327 km/h

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