Ferrari 458 Speciale

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Data sheet
EngineV8 Aspirato
Horsepower605 CV a 9.000 giri
Torque540 Nm a 6.000 giri
Transmission7 Marce doppia Frizione
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h2,9 secondi
Acceleration 0-200 Km/h9,1 secondi
Max speed327 km/h

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For those who, even just once in their life, want the best. In the street a jewel, on the track a marvel.

The 458 Speciale represents the new version of the 458. Optimized and lightened, with a higher power and more performant brakes, it is the track day car. It is the aerodynamically most efficient road car in Ferrari history. The 458 Speciale embodies several innovative concepts, incorporates some solutions proposed in LaFerrari and anticipates new standards that will be applied to all future creations of the Emilian factory. The car is equipped with active aerodynamics: mobile wings inserted both at the rear and at the front, even in the under-body make it one of the best cars to drive. Important actions have also been made to the electronics: one of the most innovative systems introduced is the “SSC” device, the electronic control of the trim angle (Side Slip angle Control): a system that continuously analyzes the set-up of the car and compares it with the ideal reference values ​​in order to optimize the management and the distribution of the engine torque, managed through the F1-Trac traction control and distributed by the differential (managed by the E-Diff electronic system) on the rear wheels. Also the rear has changed with the disposition of the exhausts that recall those of the F430 Scuderia. The car has been lightened with new solutions, both in the bodywork and in the interior, with the use of carbon fiber: specific seats with carbon shell and alcantara coating, steering wheel and paddle, center console in the tunnel, air vents, door panels and handles. Aluminum instead of almond in the pedals area both of passenger and driver and in the front and under the seats.

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suggested tour HS = Higher Speed DP = Driver Passport included
Short109€ 150
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Precision (PPT)HSDP120130€ 1400
Race Track Tour 7HSDP80507€ 1250
Race Track Tour 13HSDP905013€ 1950

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