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Enzo Ferrari said: “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

Pushstart Srl was founded in 2009 by ​​Stefano Ravazzini in the privileged city of Maranello (Italy), next to the Ferrari Museum, as a leading company for road and track test drives, with luxury and sport cars. Our activity meets the demand of the market searching for new experiences in the “Motor Valley”, at competitive prices and in complete safety: driving a Super Car represents for somebody the dream of a lifetime, for others a simple curiosity, for others still a nice memory for the holiday with friends or family. Our headquarter is inside the historic WARM-UP store, which for more than 25 years has been known and frequented by collectors, fans and model makers from all over the world. Our vehicle fleet is our own property: the models available for the test drive change frequently, with a special consideration to the requests of some of our, now, loyal friends, that every year (even several times a year) come back to try our new cars, or the new tours we offer. We can handle as many as 9 cars at the same time, which is why big companies have organized great successfully events with us. The Pushstart staff is reliable, knowledgeable and expert: it is trained, in accordance with the regulations of “Safe Driving”, knows the technical characteristics of the cars and knows how to relate with the international clientele. The offer is aimed not only to individuals or families, but also to companies that offer incentives for their clients or want to create special events or ceremonies, here in Maranello or in other particular Venues (Historical locations, Autodromes, Hotels), as well as to travel agencies and world tour operators. The seriousness of Pushstart is proven by years of impeccable activity in the sector and our consolidated skills.

We are open From 9:30 until 17:00 Everyday ( Sundays included )



PUSHSTART srl is not controlled, participated or in any other way connected to Ferrari S.p.a. The car hire and test drive activities carried out are in no way connected with the activities performed by Ferrari S.p.a., nor from Ferrari S.p.a. in any way authorized.